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Business of Gum Arabic Import & Export in India was initiated well before 1945 by our Great grandfather “Shree Nagardas K.Doshi ” with his partner Shree   in the name of “ N.Devidas & Co.” after dissolution of their partnership same business was handled by our Grand Father. In name of M/s General Sales Corporation [ Exporter of Gum Karaya ] & M/s Nagindas & Bros [ Importer of Gum Arabic ]


VIJAY BROS is found by Shree JayantilalNemchandDoshi in 1983 and currently run by his sons and grandsons.

  • Mr. JitendraJayantilaDoshi
  • Mr. Vijay JayantilalDoshi
  • Mr. JineshJitendraDoshi


Business of GUM ARABIC is inherited by VIJAY BROS from M/s General Sales Corporation. & M/s Nagindas& Bros which were one of the oldest firms established in Indian history for Imports & Export trade in GUM ARABIC. Eventually business of GUM ARABIC is more than 8 decades old for VIJAY BROS. Business of VIJAY BROS is family oriented business, handled and operated by our own family.

VIJAY BROS established in 1983 and indulged in business of GUM ARABIC since incorporation. VIJAY BROS is specialized in imports and export of GUM ARABIC from various countries in African continent. VIJAY BROS started the business from very small turnover and quantity of imports from date of incorporation. Today we have achieved a milestone of importing totally 1000 to 1500 tonof GUM ARABIC annually from different countries round the world.

You can find all kind of GUM ARABIC under one roof i.e. house of GUM ARABIC at VIJAY BROS.

We have diversified and groomed ourselves as an important link between source and end usage by establishing the collaboration and branching in various countries with direct suppliers of GUM ARABIC from the source at collection center of raw material and supplying the final manufactured product to the end user for their application.

We welcome you with warm heart to our website and will try to help your stay to our best efforts and also assure you to serve best of our possibilities for your requirement and query.

Do take a full tour of our website and we will be eagerly waiting for your feedback at the end....

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